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Your Family’s Lawyer
Every family should have their own lawyer. Whether you’re buying
or selling a house, drafting a will, handling the estate of a deceased
relative, making a claim for personal injuries, starting a new
business, or having a commercial dispute, we can take care of it all.

Everyone deserves to know whom they can call for trusted advice in
the event that they might have a legal issue. Do you ever wish
you could say “I’ll speak to my lawyer” and feel confident? Don’t
wait for problems to arise; find the solution first. Call the law
offices of Stephen R. Markman - one call and you’ll feel at ease.

Latest News
In January, 2007, Mr. Markman was appointed to the Judicial Screening Committee for Kings County and the Second Judicial District.  As a member of the Committee, Mr. Markman will be one of twenty-one specially-selected attorneys, who will vote on the qualifications of judicial candidates in Kings County.  This is a particularly important appointment in light of the recent pivotal Federal Court decision, which completely overhauled the manner in which Judges are selected and appointed in Kings County. 



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